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Starchaser Industries is an international company working at the leading edge of the new commercial Space-age. Through the application of total commitment, quality and excellence, Starchaser has established itself at the forefront of engineering and technology.

As a company we have evolved considerably over the years and are now comprised of a number of divisions operating in a range of related areas:

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Starchaser Industries UK (propulsion, capsule & payload R&D)
Starchaser Education (development and delivery of unique and exciting educational material focused on Science Technology Engineering & Maths).
Operating at the pinnacle of performance within a demanding business environment requires the latest technology, products and services.

Starchaser Industries provide unique opportunities for companies wishing to differentiate themselves and their products and build brand awareness across all demographics.

Space exploration and Space Tourism, its associated high technology and activities engages with millions of people around the globe; from school children to high net-worth individuals.

The awesome power of rockets and the blistering performance of their integrated systems epitomise the very best in high octane performance and engineering.

No other endeavour has the ability to create such awe.
Starchaser Industries are focused on developing strong business relationships with all its partners and work pro-actively to ensure all aspects of Starchaser business and operation realise the maximum potential for its Partners.

The Starchaser Partner Programme provides companies with the opportunity to develop customised engagement models and partnership programmes focused on meeting the needs of the Partner.
The Starchaser Partner Programme matches corporate marketing strategies with Starchaser's mission-related initiatives, including:
Opportunity to develop customized partnership programmes
Unique and memorable branding opportunities
Company and product differentiation
Corporate Responsibility; Education
Dedicated and customised special events
Cross-promotional opportunities with other Starchaser sponsors
Also Available:
Sponsorship of brochures and other publications
Web site development / sponsorship
Tie-ins with educational activities, such as "Rockets in Schools" or other programmes
Starchaser Membership drives
Gala and Testimonial Dinners
Publication of a sponsorship either in print or electronic form does not necessarily imply endorsement of the sponsor's goods, services, actions or agents by Starchaser Industries Limited.