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If you want to get close enough to feel the burn and smell the kerosene you may qualify to get hands on involvement.

Volunteers form an important and integral part of Starchaser and directly contribute to progress and success of many different projects.

If you think you're made of the right stuff and want to join the ranks of our dedicated Volunteer Team please click here and fill in the online application form.
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The potential market for space travel and tourism is huge. With the latest research carried out by the Futron Corporation 'Space Tourism Market Study' (October 2002), it is estimated that sub-orbital space tourism could soon become a $300 million a year industry, with the ultimate potential of orbital travel and space tourism to become a $10 billion dollar a year industry.

This is the real 'prize' of which Starchaser intends to take a part. Evidence already abounds with the world's first two space tourists Dennis Tito and Mark Shuttleworth paying the Russian space agency 20 million dollars each for access to the stars.

Our aim is to offer sub-orbital flights at a vastly reduced cost, perhaps as low as 25k/trip within 3 years.

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Team Starchaser
What does is mean to be a Team Starchaser member?

Team Starchaser is an exclusive community of people who share Starchasers' passion and vision for Space. If you want to feel the heartbeat of the new commercial space age Team Starchaser will get you close to the action.

Team Starchaser is an exclusive member's only club which works to strengthen the connection between Starchaser and its supporters providing behind the scenes access to project data and company news and directly contributes to Starchasers progress.

Team Starchaser members are an integral part of what makes Starchaser tick and are helping shape our future.

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