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Press Release
British rocket hits 1000 schools (30 January 2008)

Manchester based Starchaser Industries via its space4schools Educational Outreach Programme will make its 1000th school visit on 31st January when the Starchaser Skybolt rocket rolls on its transport truck into the Wellacre Technical College in Flixton, Manchester.

Starchaser began taking its space hardware to schools in 2002 as part of a national initiative that was designed to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM subjects) in partnership with the University of Salford.

Over the years Starchaser's Space4schools has grown into a hugely successful programme that delivers a suite of stimulating, curriculum linked educational packages to primary as well as secondary schools.

"It is extremely rewarding to take our rocket technology into the classroom" says Managing Director Steve Bennett "Our kids are our future; they are born scientists and it is important that we do all we can to encourage and nurture their interest".

Space4schools is an offshoot of Starchaser's main area of business which is leading to the creation of a reusable 26 metre (85 foot) tall, 27 tonne thrust rocket ship that will take its first space tourists into space in 2013.

In 2001 Starchaser launched its 11 metre Nova rocket from Morecambe Bay off the North West coast of England. Nova was the largest rocket ever flown from the UK mainland and, following a successful parachute recovery, it forms a dramatic centrepiece to Starchaser's Educational Outreach Programme.

Starchaser's educational packages are available to all schools in the United Kingdom.

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About Starchaser:

Starchaser Industries is a privately held, high technology group of companies that specialises in the development, operation and commercialisation of space related products and services. Starchaser Industries enables new space related business opportunities by providing safe, reliable, affordable and reusable access to space for both the space tourism and micro-satellite launch markets.

Starchaser Industries also has an established and highly successful Outreach Programme that engages with both the general public and education. Starchaser's educational activities complement the UK national curriculum and help inspire and motivate students at all levels to pursue careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Starchaser provides students with opportunities for involvement in research and development projects to actively promote the STEM subjects and encourage them to pursue higher education at the graduate and doctorate levels.

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