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Core Capabilities
Starchaser Industries has grown from a volunteer group to a focused and well-motivated team consisting of both full-time and part-time employees, and volunteers.

The core team consists of degree-qualified personnel with experience in all aspects of rocket design, propulsion and construction.

Starchaser personnel work on all aspects of vehicle and propulsion design, testing, integration, launching and recovery.

All components are designed in-house, while manufacture is sub-contracted to external companies who specialise in the appropriate field.

The use of specialist sub-contractors has enabled Starchaser to achieve significant progress with minimal investment in tooling and facilities.

The sub-contract companies utilise the latest materials and technology to manufacture components to the highest standards and tolerances.

Extensive use of off-the-shelf components help reduce costs and minimize risks whilst advanced composite materials and alloys with superior strength to weight ratios are employed in airframe construction.

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