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Countdown to Starchaser's first Open Day at Spaceport 5 August 2005
On Exhibition
This open day, our first in over a year, will be themed around the subject of propulsion. For, in addition to the range of Starchaser rocket exhibits permanently on display at the new attraction, we'll have the record breaking Nova rocket as well as the first public showing of the Churchill Mk 3 liquid propellant rocket engine.

Meet the Team
Starchaser CEO Steve Bennett will be on hand together with members of the Outreach team and scientists from the Starchaser factory to talk about the project and answer questions on all aspects of the Starchaser space programme. The Spaceport gift shop will be well stocked with Starchaser merchandise and there will also be a facility for joining the Team Starchaser supporters club.

Fun for all the Family
Don't miss the great simulator ride, Stardome theatre and interactive space exhibits. Starchaser's Russian Cosmonaut suit is now on display together with a range of meteorites, astronomy related exhibits and Starchaser rocket engines.

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On Tuesday 26 July 2005 the new Merseyside Spaceport opened.
Prior to that, on Tuesday 28 June, there was a major delivery of Starchaser artefacts to the Spaceport.

This activity followed a busy period at the Starchaser factory where a host of rockets and other related space memorabilia have been brought up to exhibition standard for display at the new attraction.

The Starchaser rockets to be displayed include the following:

Other items contributed include:

Starchaser will install the Interactive Thunderbird mock-up capsule into Spaceport towards the end of August.

A series of ten Starchaser open days are to be held at Spaceport per year. The first of these will be on Friday 5 August and will feature the new Churchill Mk 3 liquid propellant rocket engine.
Starchaser 1a
Starchaser 2
Starchaser Discovery
Nova 2 re-entry capsule
A selection of meteorites
A Russian spacesuit used by Starchaser
Churchill Mk.1 rocket engine
Churchill Mk.2 rocket engine
Russian space food