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Overall Specifacations
Propellants Hybrid
fuel HTPB/Rubber mix
Oxidiser Liquid oxygen
Thrust (Sea Level) 1250 Kg (2756.25 lbf)
Chamber Pressure 300 PSI
Specific Impulse 230 Seconds
Feed System Pressure fed
Pressurant Gas Gaseous Oxygen
Cooling Method(s) Water Cooled Nozzle / Insulated Casing
A Hybrid engine system uses a solid fuel and a liquid oxidiser.

As one component is solid the amount of piping is reduced, the propellants are separated, so hybrids can be throttled and stop-started.
The way the fuel burns also makes hybrids safer.
However, hybrids are less flexible than bi-liquids.
They require more development work.
They must be tailored to the specific mission.
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