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Micro-Satellites and Scientific Payload Launchersore
Starchaser's sounding rocket capability was initially conceived to service the demand from industry and educational institutions, for microgravity based research platforms.

Most of the research that has been conducted in recent years in this area has been done in order to understand the potential 'uses' for microgravity and the 'need' for microgravity research.

These sectors have been constrained for a number of reasons, for example, due to the lack of low cost launch providers and also by government policies on providing access to such facilities.

The advances being made in commercial satellite technology has allowed manufacturers to reduce the actual size of spacecraft making it possible to produce small yet powerful satellites known as micro-satellites.

These micro-satellites have many advantages over the larger versions in that they are typically an order of magnitude cheaper.

However the current launch industry is dominated by heavy-lift, expendable launch vehicles that are extremely inefficient and costly.

Even though Starchaser is hoping to establish a non government funded business model, the company foresees a significant portion of its business coming from the scientific and research communities, which are primarily supported by government grants.

Starchaser is therefore looking at ways in which to further develop its launch capability towards servicing the needs of the micro-satellite industry.

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