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Starchaser Industries successfully completed two manned parachute drop tests of their NOVA 2 rocket capsule in July 2003.

The manned drop tests were carried out at the Red Lake drop zone in Arizona USA on 22nd and 24th July 2003. The capsule was deployed from the rear cargo door of a Fairchild C123K aircraft at an altitude of 10,000 feet.

The capsule was put through a number of manoeuvres during its descent to fully validate the steerable ram-air parachute canopy that made it possible to fly the craft like a glider. Nova 2 was then brought in for a precision landing. Steve Bennett, Managing Director of Starchaser Industries, said; "We are pleased with how the capsule has performed, we've completed two very successful flights. These drop tests mark a significant milestone in Starchaser Industries manned space programme. We have proved the different key systems in our rocket programme.

Weighing in at 250 kg and measuring 3-meters in length, the single seat Nova 2 capsule has become Britain's first manned rocket capsule and has been developed to test a variety of systems for use in project Thunderbird; Starchaser Industries entry into the US $10 million X PRIZE, which is on offer to the first non-governmental organisation capable of launching three people into space.

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Quick Overview:

The capsule is designed to accommodate three people and sustain them safely for the complete mission life.

The design of the three-manned capsule has been carried out using the Pro-Engineer software package.