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Nova /  Starchaser 4
The primary objective of the Nova / Starchaser 4 unmanned test flight was to validate the mobile launch tower, NOVA airframe, capsule parachute descent, booster system, onboard computers/telemetry and the GPS system.

The propulsion system used was configured specifically to meet the requirements of this first test flight.

A bespoke propulsion system in the form of the Churchill Mk3 bi-liquid engine is now in the manufacture stage.

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Height 11m (37ft)
Diameter 1,254 mm (4 ft)
Finspan 3,356 mm (11 ft)
Launch Mass 747 Kg (1,643 lb
Recovery Parachute
Propulsion Solid
Total Impulse 221 Kns (50,000 lb secs)
Maximum Speed 223 mtrs sec (500 mph)
Max Altitude 1,688.8 mtrs (5,541 ft)
Launch Date 22nd November 2001
Location Morecambe Bay, UK
Outcome Successful
Nova / Starchaser 4
Overall Specifacations