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Ongoing Developments
With the space tourism industry forecast to be valued at around $5 billion within the next few years, we recognise the need to accommodate the demand in the most economic manner.

Growth has to be facilitated through a combination of maximising the use of existing assets and resources, investment in new technology, a comprehensive review of operational processes and investment in infrastructure.
Over the last 18 months we have researched and developed our five year business plan to address all the areas required to grow into an organisation able to operate in the commercial space access market and at Starchaser we are currently looking at a range of ways to implement new approaches/technologies to meet future customer requirements.

The Starchaser investment programme is constantly being reviewed and updated to reflect a combination of short term tactical requirements whilst maintaining the longer term business objectives. In the short and medium term the following projects are being undertaken:
Sound Rocket Programme
One of the more traditional sectors within the space market is that of launching scientific or experimental payloads on a sub-orbital trajectory onboard 'sounding rockets'.

It became apparent that if we were to develop a rocket capable of sub-orbital space flight we could prove out and flight test the whole design, manufacture and assembly methodology we are proposing for the space tourism market, and hence SKYBOLT was born.
Space 4 Schools
The STARCHASER EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH PROGRAMME is a world class initiative with an established track record in promoting science, engineering and technology to the widest possible audience.

With a multi-phased project looking at providing improvements to our outreach programme and manufacturing facilities we aim to increase the capacity for the number of children we annually connect with by expanding the size of the existing team and facilities and providing additional complimentary activities our already professional capabilities.
This e-commerce programme is providing revenue generation from both the enthusiast and general marketplace alike. Continued upgrading and an increased range of merchandise will provide future flexibility in terms of R&D operations.

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