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Press Release
Multi-million pound visitor attraction opens with a focus on the future British Space programme

Manchester UK - On July 26th an exciting new space themed visitor attraction will open its doors. Three years and 10 million in the making, Spaceport is set to shatter the staid museum approach of other attractions. Visitors will take a virtual journey through space from Earth to the farthest reaches of the known Universe. From wormholes to black holes, supernova and spiral galaxies, visitors will learn all about space and space travel.

Amazing new attractions will allow visitors to become virtual astronauts and explore the solar system in the incredible Space Dome. Spaceport is also home of the UK National Schools Observatory. There are many interactive exhibits giving visitors plenty of hands-on fun with the whole experience culminating with Britain's commercial space programme, Starchaser.

"Starchaser are honoured to be such an integral part of this exciting new visitor attraction" commented Steve Bennett, "We've worked closely with Spaceport and are thrilled with the whole project".

Ken Moss, Manager of Spaceport added "We are proud to have Starchaser at Spaceport. We support their determination to put Britain back into space, their presence and involvement at Spaceport provides visitors with a unique opportunity to get close to real rockets and rocket scientists and get behind the new British space programme"

The Starchaser exhibit occupies a prime position and features a dedicated movie theatre, information on Starchaser projects and is home to many of Starchaser rockets, rocket engines and the NOVA II capsule.

Starchaser, in partnership with Spaceport, will also run regular 'Starchaser Open Days'; these dedicated events will provide visitors with a more detailed introduction to Starchaser and it's mission together with the opportunity to meet Starchaser personnel and discuss Starchaser projects.

About Starchaser
Starchaser Industries, (www.starchaser.co.uk), is an international privately held, high technology company that specialises in the development, operation and commercialisation of space related products and services. Starchaser enables new space related business opportunities by providing safe, reliable, affordable and reusable access to space for both the Space Tourism and micro-satellite launch markets.

Starchaser Industries also has an established and highly successful Outreach Programme that engages with both the general public and education. Starchaser's educational activities complement the UK national curriculum and help inspire and motivate students at all levels to pursue careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Starchaser provides students with opportunities for involvement in research and development projects to actively promote the STEM subjects and encourage them to pursue higher education at the graduate and doctorate levels.

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