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Press Release
Contractor for first phase of Starchaser Rocket City selected(Feb, 2007)

Starchaser Industries is working on two concepts for the purpose of Space Tourism. The near term objective is the creation of a 3 person reusable space capsule called Thunderstar which will be used for sub-orbital flights in excess of 100km. The second system is a vertically launched 8 seat sub-orbital space plane that could be upgradeable for orbital applications.

Both the capsule and the space plane design feature pressurised environments where the occupants will be further protected by means of Russian Sokol derived spacesuits. Both spacecraft will also be fitted with a Launch Escape System (LES); the capsule will make use of a tower system whereas the space plane will utilise a system located to the aft of the vehicle.

All critical systems will be automated and protected by redundant back up systems. Taking the above safety features into account, the survivability from a catastrophic failure of hardware is considered close to 100% and significantly higher than that offered by contemporary Space Tourism systems.

The frequency of flight for any given capsule or space plane system will typically be about once per week.

The fully automatic capsule will employ a single pilot, whereas the space plane will utilise a pilot and co-pilot.

A Starchaser 5 launch vehicle will be used to launch the Thunderstar capsule whereas an enhanced derivative of Starchaser 5 will be used for the space plane. Mission duration for the ballistic capsule will be of the order of about 20 minutes whereas a 100 km sub-orbital flight for the space plane will be about 40 minutes.

Las Cruces, NM - February 5, 2007 D'Rubi Construction Inc., owned and operated by Elisa Contreras of Las Cruces, has been selected as the general contractor for the first phase of the Starchaser Rocket City development. The first project at the site will be the remodeling of an existing building to house corporate offices and retail area, as well as the design and installation of a 3600 sq foot exhibition center. Design work for the project is being handled by Studio D Architects of Las Cruces. Grand opening for the corporate office and retail area is planned for early May of this year. D'Rubi Construction Inc., with many years experience as a subcontractor in the Las Cruces area, has recently begun operations as a general contractor. "I am honored that my company has been chosen as the general contractor for this project, and we are eager to get started," said Contreras. "The Starchaser project will allow D'Rubi Construction Inc. the opportunity to showcase its skills and experience in a highly visible location," she added. Dona Ana County Commissioner, Oscar Vasquez-Butler, was apprised of the selection of the contractor this past Saturday and offered the following comment: "I look forward to working with Starchaser as they grow and become part of the community. I am interested to learn more about their plans to create good jobs for Dona Ana County residents."

The ten-year $100 million project, which will be privately financed, is expected to create up to 300 permanent positions, from service industry to high tech, high salary aerospace jobs with an emphasis on training local people. Phased development of the site will include rocket manufacturing and astronaut training facilities, retail outlets, office accommodations, restaurants and exhibition areas as well as a space-themed hotel with conference facilities. The Starchaser Rocket City complex will span more than a mile of interstate frontage 17 miles west of the Las Cruces airport in Dona Ana County. "We are planning to create a positive and long lasting impact on southern New Mexico and the surrounding region," said CEO Steve Bennett. "Starchaser Rocket City is ideally situated for the future development of Las Cruces, and will complement the state's focus on both tourism and aerospace."

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Starchaser Rocket City Development Site.
DíRubi construction crew break ground on the conference room annex. The Rocket Shop office block (background) is also to be totally remodelled.
Starchaser Industries Inc. recently celebrated its second anniversary as a New Mexico corporation and has established corporate headquarters 17 miles west of the Las Cruces airport. Located on I-10 in Dona Ana County, the 120-acre site spans two miles of interstate frontage on the north side of exit 116.

Plans for this location include a Space-theme resort complex featuring astronaut training facilities, exhibition center, hotel, restaurant, and gas station, as well as rocket manufacturing and assembly facilities.

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