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Press Release
Starchaser Industries win European Space Agency contract(January, 2007)

Manchester, United Kingdom, Friday 12 January 2007: Starchaser industries has been awarded a study contract from the European Space Agency for the detailed assessment of their THUNDERSTAR / STARCHASER 5A space tourism reusable launch vehicle to verify its technical feasibility and ability to meet future space tourists expectations. The study will also refine the Starchaser Business Plan to demonstrate that space tourism can be sustained in a wholly commercial environment.

This 150,000 contract is part of ESA's Survey of European Privately-Funded Vehicles for Commercial Human Space Flight, which was designed to identify European space tourism ventures, evaluate their feasibility, and assess their associated technologies.

"Everyone at Starchaser has worked hard to secure the awarding of this contract" commented Steve Bennett, CEO Starchaser Industries, "Starchaser are determined to ensure that Europe doesn't miss out on the potentially huge space tourism industry" he added.

The reusable THUNDERSTAR / STARCHASER 5A space tourism vehicle could begin regular flights from New Mexico's Spaceport America as early as 2009. THUNDERSTAR / STARCHSER 5A has been designed to carry one pilot and two passengers to sub-orbital altitudes in excess of 100 kilometres before returning them safely via parachute. Starchaser astronauts are guaranteed an exciting but comfortable acceleration profile, breathtaking views of the home planet and several minutes of weightlessness.

The Starchaser Astronaut programme features centrifuge, microgravity and skydive training together with high altitude decompression and hypobaric work. Starchaser astronauts will also receive their own personal spacesuit which they may keep as a memento of their experience.

Starchaser - putting Britain back into space

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About Starchaser

Starchaser Industries, (www.starchaser.co.uk), is a privately held, high technology company that specialises in the development, operation and commercialisation of products and services which will enable new space related business opportunities by providing safe, reliable, affordable and reusable access to space for both the Space Tourism and micro-satellite launch markets.

Starchaser Industries also has an established and highly successful Outreach Programme that engages with both the general public and education. Starchaser's educational activities complement the UK national curriculum and help inspire and motivate students at all levels to pursue careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Starchaser provides students with opportunities for involvement in research and development projects to actively promote the STEM subjects and encourage them to pursue higher education at the graduate and doctorate levels.

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