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Press Release
Starchaser Industries sponsors Space Tourism Survey (January 2007)

Las Cruces, New Mexico: Starchaser Industries, Ltd., the United Kingdom affiliate of New Mexico based Starchaser Industries Inc., is sponsoring an online space tourism survey featuring a variety of questions regarding the industry. This survey is a component of the overall assessment requested as part of Starchaser's recently awarded contract with the European Space Agency, specifically with regard to the commercial sustainability of space tourism.

Starchaser is working to develop safe reusable spacecraft with the goal of making affordable space tourism a reality for ordinary people within the next decade. We are seeking feedback from those that would consider joining us on our quest to reach the next frontier.

() Space Tourism Survey (now closed)

For more information please call 505-546-3122.

About Starchaser

Starchaser Industries Inc. recently celebrated its second anniversary as a New Mexico corporation and has established corporate headquarters 17 miles west of the Las Cruces airport. Located on I-10 in Dona Ana County, the 120-acre site spans two miles of interstate frontage on the north side of exit 116. Plans for this location include a Space-theme resort complex featuring astronaut training facilities, exhibition center, hotel, restaurant, and gas station, as well as rocket manufacturing and assembly facilities. Starchaser Industries is an international company that not only designs, builds and launches rockets, but is also dedicated to providing educational outreach through hands-on student encounters and its magazine publishing efforts both here and in the United Kingdom.

Download Press Release (PDF, Adobe Acrobat, format - 71Kb)
The survey covers 32 questions and takes about 10-15 minutes or less to complete.
You may choose to enter your personal information for a chance to win an 80-gigabyte video Ipod, or you may submit your responses without entering the drawing.
You must be at least 18 years of age to participate and is limited to one completed survey per person.
Survey submissions are being accepted through Feb. 28, 2007.

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