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During week commencing 23 April 2007 Starchaser mailed letters to all those who have registered as potential Starchaser investors. The letter provides an update on our share offer, describing the proposed strategy through to making an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

A questionnaire is attached for potential investors to complete and return.

A copy of the letter may be seen by following the link below

Letter to potential investors, April 2007

If you have previously registered your interest with us, and are on the Prospectus Database linked below, but have not received a letter, please contact us so we may update our records.

() Prospectus Form
Limited release of shares in Starchaser will soon be available to the public and Club Members as we progress into a PLC. For an investment of circa 1000 you will become an owner of the world's most exciting private space venture.

To register your interest and reserve a prospectus please follow the link at the top of this page and complete the on-line form. Once submitted, you can confirm your details have been registered with Starchaser by looking for your name on our database
[link also at top of page].
Investor Opportunities
Starchaser Industries Limited is run by Steven Bennett, the Director of Space Technology at the University of Salford, who has over 20 years experience in developing and launching re-usable rockets.

The Company's longer-term objective is to create and lead the (potentially) enormous market in commercial space travel and tourism at an affordable price.
The Market
The potential market for space travel and tourism is huge. With the latest research carried out by the Futron Corporation 'Space Tourism Market Study' (October 2002), it is estimated that sub-orbital space tourism could soon become a $300 million a year industry, with the ultimate potential of orbital travel and space tourism to become a $10 billion dollar a year industry.

This is the real 'prize' of which Starchaser intends to take a part. Evidence already abounds with the world's first two space tourists Dennis Tito and Mark Shuttleworth paying the Russian space agency 20 million dollars each for access to the stars.

Our aim is to offer sub-orbital flights at a vastly reduced cost, perhaps as low as 25k/trip within 3 years.
Core Capabilities
Starchaser Industries has grown from a volunteer group to a focused and well-motivated team consisting of both full-time and part-time employees, and volunteers.

The core team consists of degree-qualified personnel with experience in all aspects of rocket design, propulsion and construction. Starchaser personnel work on all aspects of vehicle and propulsion design, testing, integration, launching and recovery.

All components are designed in-house, while manufacture is sub-contracted to external companies who specialise in the appropriate field.

The use of specialist sub-contractors has enabled Starchaser to achieve significant progress with minimal investment in tooling and facilities. The sub-contract companies utilise the latest materials and technology to manufacture components to the highest standards and tolerances.

Extensive use of off-the-shelf components help reduce costs and minimize risks whilst advanced composite materials and alloys with superior strength to weight ratios are employed in airframe construction.

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