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Richard Noble achieved the World Land Speed record of 633.468mph on Nevada's Black Rock Desert in October 1983. In October 1997 he achieved his life time ambition of leading the team that broke the speed of sound.

Richard's original record was the third longest standing Land Speed Record of all time. He conceived, planned and executed the project to build a 30,000 HP 650mph car from a zero cash base.

He drove the car Thrust 2 at over 600mph 11 times and to a peak speed of 650.88 mph. For his achievement, he was given amongst other awards the OBE, the RAC Diamond Jubilee Trophy, the John Cobb Memorial Trophy, the Sir Malcolm Campbell Trophy and the Sir Henry Segrave Trophy.

Richard Noble also founded the SSC Programme Ltd with the objective of producing the first ever supersonic land speed record car against competition from both the USA and F1 MacLaren team.

The project research was carried out in extreme secrecy and took 3 years and the test programme involved high speed rocket testing at Mach 1.1, in preference to conventional wind tunnel work.

By June 1995, the research demonstrated clearly that the project was possible and the project launch of the 100,0000 HP Thrust SSC was held on June 3rd with startling media response. In October 1997 his life time ambition was realised.

The Thrust project was driven by Richard Noble's energy and leadership skills in bringing together a team, ranging from 150 sponsors who finance the project, to the 50 skilled engineers and technicians who design and build the car, down to the five men who have to keep a ten mile desert track free from the smallest stones. Richard's ability to motivate and inspire his team towards the same goal has captivated business audiences throughout the world.
There are many similarities between the Thrust project and Starchaser's bid to win the X-Prize and the Starchaser team received a positive response from Richard when he was asked to visit Starchaser and share his valuable experience with the team.

On 22nd March 2003 Richard Noble spent a very productive day with all the Starchaser team, providing not only inspiration and motivation, but sound advice relating to all areas of the project.

"We are all grateful to Richard for taking a day out of his busy schedule and spending time with us, his visit provided a great insight into how the Thrust team achieved success and has spurred us all on.

Richards positive comments about our project were also well received" Tony Meadows, Sponsorship Manager.

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"Starchaser is the British space programme" - Richard Noble
22nd March 2003
"The Nova launch proves the organisation and once the liquid engine is proven... there'll be no stopping them" - Richard Noble
Steve, Richard and the Nova Mark II Capsule