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Ride Into Space
When you think of an Astronaut you may envision images of Alan Shepard, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, and Buzz Aldrin. For those of you that equate spaceflight with NASA's more recent shuttle program your heroes may include Mae Jemison or Sally Ride.

Everyone at Starchaser Industries shares the dream of space travel and we are working toward providing you with a truly unique and memorable experience.

When you launch with Starchaser you'll have the Experience of a true Astronaut.
Outfitted in an authentic spacesuit you'll head down the access ramp toward the Starchaser rocket, as clouds of vaporizing LOX shroud the launch pad.
You'll climb into the capsule and be strapped securely into your seat to wait for the action to start.
The dramatic countdown will begin, filling your mind and body with anticipation.
As you hear the roar of engines coming to life, the rocket propels you upwards with a kick.
Your body becomes one with the vibration of the rocket as it accelerates, quickly breaking the sound barrier and beyond.
You'll be pushed back into your seat and feel the awesome power within every fiber of your being.
The rocket engines shut down and everything will go silent.
Coasting silently upward you'll feel a slight jolt as the capsule separates from the booster.
And as you look out of the porthole and see the Earth below... you will know that you have achieved your dream...
You are an Astronaut!

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