Image of the Day
Two Russian Soyuz spacecraft fly over Earth's city lights with star trails overhead in this long-exposure photo taken from the International Space Station.
Far Side Astronomy: Orbiting Telescope Would Use Moon as Shield
Out of darkness, there came the blazing light of the very first stars and galaxies in the universe — and the best place to look back at them might be the far side of the moon.
Life on Earth is Used to Gravity — So What Happens to Our Cells in Space?
The force of gravity doesn't just keep us anchored to the ground; it influences how our bodies work on the smallest of scales.
US Air Force's Newest Missile-Warning Satellite Operational and Transmitting
The Air Force's newest Space Based Infrared System missile-warning satellite is operational and has transmitted its first images, Lockheed Martin said March 21.
Production of Plutonium Spacecraft Fuel Could Boom in Early 2020s
A public-private partnership led by a company called Technical Solutions Management aims to start generating usable amounts of plutonium-238 — the material that powers deep-space explorers such as NASA's Curiosity Mars rover — by 2022 or so.
President Trump Hails NASA's Space Exploration Spirit in Weekly Address
President Donald Trump used his weekly address Saturday (March 25) to praise NASA's legacy of exploration and discovery in a video that also marked Trump's signing of the 2017 NASA authorization bill earlier in the week.
Astronomers to Peer Into a Black Hole for 1st Time with Event Horizon Telescope
Since first mentioned in 1783, black holes have captured the imagination of scientists, writers, filmmakers and other artists. Perhaps part of the allure is that these enigmatic objects have never actually been "seen."
Chris Hadfield Hosts 'Miniverse' On Curiosity Stream - Trailer
The former Canadian Space Agency astronaut and internet sensation is bringing space “down to Earth” in a new web series on Curiosity Stream.
Take a Solar System 'Road Trip' with Astronaut Chris Hadfield in 'Miniverse'
The solar system is shrunk down to the size of the continental United States in a new online movie hosted by retired astronaut Chris Hadfield. Joined by a few traveling companions, Hadfield makes his way from coast to coast, and planet to planet.
The Most Amazing Space Stories of the Week!
A Dragon returns, North Korea tests a rocket engine, a wheel breaks on Mars and a spacewalk streak begins — it's's top news stories of the week.