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Starchaser Today
Starchaser Industries is a privately held, high technology group of companies that specialises in the development, operation and commercialisation of space related products and services. Starchaser Industries enables new space related business opportunities by providing safe, reliable, affordable and reusable access to space for both the space tourism and micro-satellite launch markets.

Starchaser Industries UK has been one of, possibly the only, European space tourism related company to achieve significant private venture investment and significant commercial sponsorship which has funded real development and tests of technology rather than paper studies that are the hallmark of the less mature companies trying to establish a presence in this market.

Founded in 1992 by current CEO Steve Bennett, Starchaser Industries is staffed by a highly skilled, innovative and motivated workforce. With companies both in the UK and the US, Starchaser is at the vanguard of the new commercial space industry.

Starchaser Industries have approved ESA bidder status and are members of many industry/professional organisations including; The Institute Of Directors (IOD), the Association of Specialist Technical Organisations for Space (ASTOS), associate members of the UK North West Aerospace Alliance (NWAA) and are members of the High-Tech Consortium of Southern New Mexico.

Starchaser's many projects to date have included the development of reusable liquid and hybrid propulsion systems and return to origin space capsule ram air parachute systems. Starchaser is currently working on the development of a reusable, low acceleration liquid propellant vehicle that would be offered for sounding rocket and space tourism applications.

Other lines of research include green propellant technology, mobile launcher design, emergency escape systems, space capsule ergonomics and work on Environmental Control Life Support Systems.

Starchaser Industries UK also has an established and highly successful Outreach Programme that engages with both the general public and education. Starchaser's educational activities complement the UK national curriculum and help inspire and motivate students at all levels. The Starchaser outreach team visits over 200 schools and engages with over 150,000 school children every year.

Starchaser Industries UK will continue to focus on spacecraft development while Starchaser Industries US will build and fly reusable launch vehicles from New Mexico's up and coming Spaceport America.
Mission Statement
"To inspire and enrich society and the economy of our planet by contributing positively towards a permanent human presence in space."

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