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Skybolt Sounding Rocket

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SKYBOLT has been designed to flight test a Starchaser rocket engine and prove the modular vehicle construction and secondly to achieve real space flight experience. SKYBOLT is designed to be reusable, a trait that is almost unique compared to other existing sounding rockets. At around 800mm diameter and nearly 12m tall SKYBOLT will deliver a 20kg payload to a target altitude of over 130km (83 miles).

The Computational Fluid Dynamics and flight simulations report on SKYBOLT is in the memberís area.

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Skybolt rocket
Overall Specifacations
Height 11.6m (38ft)
Diameter 810 mm (2.66 ft)
Finspan 2286 mm (7.5 ft)
Launch Mass 2500 Kg (5512 lb)
Recovery Parachute
Propulsion 1 x STORM bi-liquid lox / kerosene engine
Total Impulse 3.23 MNs (725,445 lb secs)
Maximum Speed 1440.6 mtrs/sec (3222.57 mph)
Max Altitude 135,632 mtrs (444,989 ft, 83.52 miles)