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Typical Space Tourism Mission
Starchaser Industries is working on two concepts for the purpose of Space Tourism. The near term objective is the creation of a 3 person reusable space capsule called Thunderstar which will be used for sub-orbital flights in excess of 100km. The second system is a vertically launched 8 seat sub-orbital space plane that could be upgradeable for orbital applications.

Both the capsule and the space plane design feature pressurised environments where the occupants will be further protected by means of Russian Sokol derived spacesuits. Both spacecraft will also be fitted with a Launch Escape System (LES); the capsule will make use of a tower system whereas the space plane will utilise a system located to the aft of the vehicle.

All critical systems will be automated and protected by redundant back up systems. Taking the above safety features into account, the survivability from a catastrophic failure of hardware is considered close to 100% and significantly higher than that offered by contemporary Space Tourism systems.

The frequency of flight for any given capsule or space plane system will typically be about once per week.

The fully automatic capsule will employ a single pilot, whereas the space plane will utilise a pilot and co-pilot.

A Starchaser 5 launch vehicle will be used to launch the Thunderstar capsule whereas an enhanced derivative of Starchaser 5 will be used for the space plane. Mission duration for the ballistic capsule will be of the order of about 20 minutes whereas a 100 km sub-orbital flight for the space plane will be about 40 minutes.
Preperation And Training
Spaceflight, even sub-orbital spaceflight will never be as routine as commercial airline travel. A certain amount of training and preparation will therefore be required to assure passenger safety, reduce passenger stress and enhance the overall space flight experience.

The price of a sub-orbital spaceflight aboard a Starchaser vehicle is 98,000 + Tax.

All Starchaser passengers and flight crew will be required to pass a medical examination. The training component will take about two weeks and may be spread over several locations. It will include vehicle familiarity and abort scenarios, parachute training, hypobaric and decompression training, centrifuge training, safety systems including spacesuit operation, first aid, radio protocol and survival training.

Starchaser's comprehensive training package, together with the safety systems that are integral to both the Capsule and Space Plane design, will make for unique selling points that we feel, competitors will be unable to match.

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