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Thunderstar - Three Man Capsule

The THUNDERSTAR capsule is being developed to carry a 3-person crew on a sub-orbital flight and return them safely back to Earth. The design of the THUNDERSTAR capsule leverages the experienced gained from the STARCHASER NOVA and NOVA II one-man capsules.

The capsule is designed to interface with the STARCHASER 5 Reusable Launch Vehicle and reach an altitude of between 100 and 120km.

For images of THUNDERSTAR capsule aerodynamics click here

The capsule will also feature a Launch Escape System that will pull the capsule and it's crew to safety in the event of an emergency, either on the pad prior to launch or at any stage during the powered ascent phase.

Starchaser 5 - Re-usable Launch Vehicle

The STARCHASER 5 booster is being developed to propel a 1.5 tonne payload to an altitude in excess of 100km. The booster will incorporate the two propellant tanks, (Liquid Oxygen and Kerosene) with a third high pressure tank which will hold the inert gas used to push (feed) the propellant to the engines.

The STARCHASER 5 booster is designed to be 100% reusable and will be recovered by parachute with the addition on an impact attenuation system.

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