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To inspire and enrich society and the economy of our planet by contributing positively towards a permanent human presence in space.


To open up the frontier of space for everyone who has ever wanted to go by developing a safe, reusable launch vehicle and making a trip affordable to all.

To educate and inspire the next generation of engineers, scientists and space explorers by engaging with all age groups through our Educational Outreach Programme.

Welcome to Starchaser

Starchaser was started in 1992 by entrepreneur Steve Bennett. During that period Starchaser has built and launched a number of highly successful rockets, developed and tested some of the UK’s largest rocket engines and has conducted manned flight tests of their own space capsules.

On September 11th 2017, Starchaser launched an 8.3-metre (27-foot) research rocket – Skybolt 2 – from a mobile launch platform in Northumberland, England. The rocket was created as a result of a collaboration between the University of Chester and Starchaser.

The Skybolt 2 launch was another step towards creating a craft capable of carrying passengers into space. Skybolt 2 will be followed in 18 months by the launch of Nova 2; a 12 metre (39 foot) rocket with room for one passenger. After that, the intention is to build a reusable three-person rocket ship called Thunderstar. It is the Thunderstar which will ultimately be used for space tourism.

The launch of Skybolt 2 has put Britain back on the map of space-faring nations. Before the company began launching its rockets, the last British spaceflight was back in 1971 when a Black Arrow rocket carried the Prospero satellite into orbit.

Now, Steve and his Starchaser team need to capitalise on their success and move forward in pursuit of their dreams.

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What's next for Starchaser?

We are currently working on our next steps towards making space tourism a reality – the launch of Nova 2. Why don’t you join us on this exciting journey?

Book Starchaser for a school visit

We have a range of space-related activities available, all directly linked to the National Curriculum. Get in touch to arrange a visit.

Our SPACE4SCHOOLS initiative is the UK’s leading space and rocket science outreach programme, visiting more than 100 schools each year. With over fifteen years’ experience in delivering our unique range of interactive shows, presentations and workshops, we hope to inspire the next generation of British scientists and engineers.

Educational, inspirational and entertaining, our packages are specifically designed to meet the needs of teachers and pupils whilst building on Key Stage science principles (linking directly to the National Curriculum) and Starchaser’s own work of rocket construction. Our presentations, shows and workshops promote the STEM subjects and are guaranteed to leave a positive and lasting impression.

Starchaser packages can be adapted to suit all ages and abilities, to ensure every individual gets the most out of the day. From building rockets in one of our rocket factories to touring the universe aboard our Cosmic Chemistry show, there is something to enthuse and inspire every pupil.


Win the ride of your life aboard a real rocketship! See the curvature of the earth and experience weightlessness.

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